Performance tuning can be done by Tuned2Race on production cars, 4×4’s and motor-home vans. This kind of tuning is definitely for the performance fanatic, as performance tuning is an upgrade that will allow you to utilise your vehicle to its utmost potential. Increasing acceleration, BHP, and torque by up to 35% with this one simple upgrade.

Tuned2Race is at the forefront of ECU remapping; providing us at Tuned2Race with the unique ability to deliver top quality performance remapping to our clients. To ensure that our clients receive top quality performance, all our chip tuning is done by specialised calibration engineers. Furthermore, Tuned2Race takes into account all of the “bolt-on” modifications which you might have installed. Important, as these modifications can often cause the air to fuel ratio to change; and thus, for all of these extra performance capabilities to remain untapped without a Tuned2race remapping.

When receiving this upgrade from Tuned2Race you will experience:

• Increased power & torque
• Smoother torque curves
• Increased acceleration
• Better throttle response
• Reduced turbo lag
• Wider range of power
• Improved towing ability

Fuel consumption will generally remain unchanged in this mode. With this upgrade, it will be your driving style which will play an important role in your fuel usage. However, what this upgrade does ensure is a faster, smoother and a much more responsive drive. So what are you waiting for?

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