DPF’s become problematic when driving conditions do not allow for the burning of accumulated soot particles. Resulting in a clogging up of these particles which in turn, restricts drivability as the vehicle goes into what is known as “limp” mode. Two solutions have been identified by key dealers; firstly a forced regeneration, which is either static (for example Fords) or next available (for example VAG group vehicles). While this route will temporarily clean the DPF, this is not a permanent solution as it will simply become clogged again. It is also necessary to consider that forced regeneration can only be completed a limited number of times (usually 3) before a replacement is necessary. The second option identified is a replacement, the cost of which ranges from £1000 to £3000; there is also no guarantee given that the DPF will not clog up again should driving conditions remain unchanged.

How then can problems resulting from the DPF be eliminated? At Tuned2Race we will remove the DPF from your vehicle completely. This is a two stage process; firstly, the trouble codes will be deleted from the engine management system, after which the ECU data on your vehicle will be copied much like in the process of remapping, all DPF threads within the ECU data will then be deleted, with the software recoded and rewritten back onto your vehicles ECU; and thus, remapped to your desired state of tune. The second stage of the process includes the physical removal of the DPF from your vehicle; the DPF box, which is situated on the exhaust pipe of your vehicle, will be removed, hollow out and then replaced on the vehicle.

Thus, no more DPF, no more problems! In conjunction with a remap, the removal of the DPF has simultaneously led to fuel savings of 35%!


Tuned2Race can currently delete/remove DPF’s from the following vehicles:

Alfa Romeo: EDC16 – EDC17
Audi: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD Audi dpf
BMW: EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Chevy/Chevrolet: EDC16 – EDC17 dpt
Citroen: EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi
Fiat: EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD
Ford: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID Ford tdi dpf
Honda: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Hyundai: EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Jaguar: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Kia: EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Lancia: EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Mazda: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
Mercedes: EDC16 – EDC17
Mini: EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Nissan: EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi
Opel: EDC16 – EDC17 – Marelli MJD
Peugeot: EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi
Renault: EDC15 – EDC16 – EDC17 – SID PSA – Delphi
SAAB: EDC16 – EDC17 tdi dpf
Seat: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Skoda: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Suzuki: EDC16 tdi dpf
VAG: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD
Volvo: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens SID
VW: EDC16 – EDC17 – Siemens PPD (VW dpf)
DCM3.x dpf

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