Your vehicle has what is known as an ECU (engine control unit), and it is this unit which essentially functions as the brain of your vehicle. However, in order for car manufacturers to communicate with your ECU they install an OBDII port, which among other things, can be utilised for vehicle diagnostics. Allowing us at Tuned2Race, with the use of various tools and a laptop, to both read and rewrite the engine management software stored in the ECU.

This can be completed via two routes, either through the OBDII port, or directly from the ECU which is also known as boot mode or bench flashing (BDM). Boot mode or bench flashing is required in cases where the tools utilised for the reading are not yet able to communicate with the vehicle via the OBDII port. However, regardless of the route taken to read the vehicle, whether via the OBDII port or boot mode/bench flashing, the end result will be the same.

Once one of our qualified dealers has removed the engine management file from your vehicle, the file then gets sent to our head office. It is at this point where our qualified engineers can then customise the engine management file; optimising your car to best serve your current driving needs as pertaining to fuel type, altitude, bolt on modification and more.

This customisation process is valuable, as it results in a vehicle which produces more power whilst utilising less fuel, all due to the fact that your car is now running at its highest possible efficiency. The entire process will take between one to two hours, all depending on how much testing is required in order to ensure that we deliver the best possible product. However, should you not be 100% satisfied, you can bring the vehicle back to Tuned2Race and we will make the necessary changes to ensure that you are happy with the final product.

• We strive to be the best in what we do

• We focus on reliability and not maximum power output

• We can repair ECU’s which means that we understand the entire process

• If you are not happy, we offer a 14 day money back guaranty

At Tuned2Race we strive to customise software so that the vehicle runs more efficiently. Our aims are not to provide extra power beyond that which would exceed the safety limits set out by the manufacturers. Mass production of engines however has led to large tolerances, due to the fact that it takes too much time and money to develop each engine individually. Therefore, although car manufactures will produce vehicles with similar engines, these engines may have different kW or BHP versions.

Furthermore, in a bid to minimize their production cost, these manufacturers also limit the power of vehicles via the ECU (engine control unit); a limitation that Tune2Race is able to rectify. Whilst top tuners in the world will always provide similar power outputs; some vehicle tuners will make claims which are significantly higher. However, these significant claims can frequently either not be reached by the tuner, or if they reach it, they do so by pushing the engine to breaking point.

Thus, it is necessary to be mindful of this danger when customising ones car, as the main focus of each tuner should always be reliability above that of unsafe power.

Manufacturers mass produce vehicles to encompass numerous markets; markets which vary in terms of emission and tax regulations, temperatures which span extreme cold to heat and humidity, different fuel qualities and/or operating altitudes and more. Thus, when manufacturers take into consideration all of these factors they compromise substantially on vehicle operation; this due to the fact that many of these factors as previously listed, and the specific environment in which the vehicle itself will operate, are unknown. However, when you bring your vehicle to Tuned2Race, we are able to remap your car and develop it individually; taking into account your current environment which means vehicle operation is not compromised upon. Furthermore, as previously stated, some vehicle manufacturers will produce similar engines but vehicles with different kW or BHP versions. It is also standard practice to limit the kW or BHP via the ECU (engine control unit) in order to keep operating cost to a minimum. However, Tuned2Race can remove these limitations on the power of your vehicle; providing your car with power that often exceeds the highest kW version for the above reason.
It is simple, a 14 day money back guarantee.

Should you not be 100% satisfied within this 14 day period, Tuned2Race will make the necessary software adjustments in order to best serve your needs; a service which will during this period be free of charge.

There are two concepts which need to be understood.

Chip tuning and remapping is the same thing. The focus of this process is to achieve better efficiency. In order to do this, tuners need to have access to all the parameters that control your engine operations such as timing, boost, torque limiters, injection, spark advance and fuelling for example. All of these parameters are controlled by the ECU (engine control unit) and is saved in a “file” on the ECU. Tuners are able to remove the software from your car, change these parameters and reload the file back into your car. Apart from the obvious power increase and a reduction in fuel consumption, you will also gain the following advantages:

• No cutting of wires in the engine bay or loose boxes
• The torque comes smooth and soft
• When changing gears torque is reduced to allow for smooth transmission
• The torque is limited/adjusted on lower gears to avoid damages to the transmission
• Air flow and boost pressure is optimised
• The original file can be uploaded any time and the vehicle is returned to its original settings; a process which will only take 5 – 20mins
• Anti-skid program (ESP) function is fully retained
• Exhaust gas temperature is correctly calculated

Plug in systems, Plug and play and diesel boxes however, all work on the same concept which is more fuel equals more power. These systems send false signals to the ECU to trick the injectors into adding more fuel. However, these products do not change parameters such as boost or timing on a individual basis for example.

Thus, in actuality they are not customising your vehicle to better suite your environment, but simply increasing injection or fuel pressure. Modern engines have complex systems which function on information obtained from your vehicles ECU; information for example pertaining to fuel calculation, anti-skid and ABS. Therefore, although these diesel boxes are capable of manipulating the system, they do so without the knowledge of the ECU, which results in the wrong information being sent to these systems. It is also necessary to bear in mind that these products are also being mass produced, whereas remapping is customised to suite the individual clients needs.

The bottom line is, that anyone can sell you mass produced tuning boxes, but not everyone can remap your vehicle to best serve your environment and your specific needs. We at Tuned2Race do not recommend on performance boxes.

All your original car settings are kept on our server. Should you wish to ever return your car to its factory setting, one of our dealers will be able to assist you.
Some manufacturers’ diagnostic equipment may detect a remap. However, the process of remapping is really complex and most dealers would not have the equipment to detect the changes that were made to the file on the ECU. If detected, many forward thinking manufacturers tend to turn a blind eye to a quality remap service, viewing it as a benefit to them. The vehicle can also be returned to its original settings, which makes it impossible for most manufacturers to pick up. The official stance taken by most manufacturers is that if a part of the vehicle is affected by a modification, the warranty will not cover that part. However, this does not mean a unilateral cancellation of the whole warranty.
The engine creates a twisting force by rotating parts which are known as torque. How fast the torque is being

utilised is known as horsepower. In high performance cars, torque produces that feeling of your eyeballs being

sucked into your head when heavy acceleration takes place.

Vehicles with high torque will always handle heavy loads such as trailers better. With high torque it also becomes

easier to accelerate and maintain speeds especially when heavy loads are being hauled.

BHP is the horsepower your engine produces before reducing the power used by your auxiliary components such as your gearbox, steering pump, alternator, or water pump for example.
Newton Meter is the unit used to measure torque.


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