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We are proud to boast that here at Tuned2Race, we are leading the way in engine calibration and optimization. Our consultation, research, and development services are being used by the world’s best automotive brands, manufacturers, tuners, and vehicle stylists.

A quick look at our vehicle gains database clearly shows that our performance metrics are outstanding and that we deliver performance hand-in-hand with assured reliability. Combined with a rapid turnaround time, 30-45 minutes from receiving file to sending it out, Tuned2Race’s credentials cannot be denied.

As our reputation in the industry grows, we are driven to delivering our service and support to the motoring industry. Whether it’s adding a tuning service to your customer offerings for the first time, or upgrading your current service capabilities to a greater level, we’d be thrilled to have you on board.

We are committed to ensuring that our dealers are given the tools, training, and support to grow their businesses and create more satisfied customers.

By offering unprecedented support and training, our dealers can become experts in the field. Our support team is knowledgeable, helpful, and there with you every step of the way. Not to be out done, our training is comprehensive and entirely free-of-charge.

We have a strong focus on software development, which means that we always have the very latest software to make sure we are at the head of the pack. The hardware side is not left in the dust either, as we are able to repair ECU and thus have a greater fundamental understanding of the hardware.

Along with our free benefits like training and website, our startup and running costs are low. This means that our dealers are able to take advantage of very high margins.
Below is the full package of offerings for our dealers

• Stage 1, 2 and 3 performance tuning
• Economy tuning
• Speed limit removal
• DPF tuning files
• Launch control

• Tuning training
• Tuning tools
• Tuning Equipment
• Technical support

Alientech Chip Tuning tools

Alientech set a new standard for Engine Control Unit (ECU) reading and writing. This premier tuning tool is now offered to the market by Tuned2Race.

The Kess and the K-Tag truly offers comprehensive functionality, such as vehicle recognition, updates, operating manuals, reading an ECU and writing the file.

The KessV2 can be used for OBD tuning while the K-Tag is used to program removed engine control units. For more information on these tools please complete the contact form and a Tuned2Race team member will assist you in choosing the tool that’s best suited for you.

Below are a few key features of the Kess and K-Tag:

• Identifies the vehicle you wish to work on

• Monitors the battery voltage in real time

• Saves the vehicle’s original injector codes, whenever there is the risk of a loss

• Checks and clears any DTC in the ECU, so you don’t need a separate scan tool

• Automatic Checksum Correction ensures the correct checksum for your vehicle

• Writing the flash is always accomplished, even in the event of PC malfunctions

• Restore capabilities in the event of unforeseen errors

Typical KessV2 Interface

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Flashtech Chip Tuning Tools

CMD-Flash Tool is another high-quality, internationally recognized ECU flash offering from Tuned2Race. The CMD is user friendly, safe to use, and considered to be one of the best ECU flash tools in the world, particularly when it comes to Diesel vehicles.

CMD-Flash has two ECU tuning options.

– OBD flashing occurs when you connect to the ECU through the OBD cable to the OBD plug in the interior of the car. Once the CMD is connected it can identify the vehicle and read and write new software into the vehicle.

– The other option is BDM and Boot Mode Flashing. These require more care and are done on the table, with the ECU removed, opened, and connections made to pins and contacts on the ECU motherboard. Power to the ECU is fed over a connector or BDM probe. Tuned2Race are experts with this tool and will offer training and assistance to make sure that our dealers are equally knowledgeable when working with the tool.

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