The need for engine optimization through ECU mapping and other engine calibration products has never been higher. Rising fuel prices, ecological consideration and a perpetual demand for performance have made engine optimization an expedient route in making this possible.

T2R is at the forefront of the newest innovation and technology in the field of performance engineering. The company as the leader in depth expertise on ECU units is able to provide a guarantee of unsurpassed performance and sound functioning through optimization.

T2R is committed to providing a comprehensive service to customers with up to date knowledge and products as well as an uncompromising commitment to service delivery and follow up service.

Don’t delay switching to an optimized engine. Opt for a better calibrated machine delivering a smoother, more responsive and improved driving experience.

Expect excellent customer service, expect to get the pinnacle of engine calibration products and software advancement accompanied by a money-back guarantee and additional relevant contingency insurance and most importantly expect a step up from your machine!

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